Finding Chemistry solutions to chemical challenges

We are committed to SDG 12 “Responsible consumption and production” through sustainable management and efficient use of natural resources.

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We are committed to offering chemistry solutions to chemical challenges. 
This is our purpose, our greatest contribution and an unprecedented opportunity to deliver real impact. 
We are developing specific actions to achieve a science-based and verifiable efficient use of natural resources and commit to limit and ultimately avoid the use of resources that are proven detrimental to the principles of Sustainability that contribute to climate change.

The chemical industry will need to be increasingly an interdisciplinary activity. We will need to collaborate with chemical engineers, process engineers, and computer scientists who know how to connect data and thus improve projects.

Paolo Lamberti, President and CEO

Lamberti has always been characterized as a company that develops performance products and therefore allows our customers to use less additional products and to be more sustainable. The starting point, even if it was not called sustainability in those days, was in our DNA. Today we do it in a more structured way, in a more multidisciplinary way.

Patrick Balletto, General Manager

Our commitment is to continuously increase awareness in order to better address our R&D activity and our innovation potential towards an increasingly low carbon footprint chemistry.

Giovanni Floridi, R&D Director