Innovation and patents

Specialized chemistry requires constant innovation

Throughout our long history, our customers count on us not only as a reliable supplier but also as a trusted partner to find solutions to current challenges

Our products as well as our customers’ operate within the context of complex systems where performance and sustainability attributes add value to the entire value chain. 

Our R&D teams have designed and implemented a multi-tier design at product launch phase which takes performance and sustainability attributes into consideration at 100% of all projects.

This is how we achieve materiality impact. 

we are. Innovation

As a specialty chemical manufacturer, our primary business function is to develop and successfully market innovative products in this field.  As a responsible business organization, our outlook includes a broader stakeholder  community.  
Our innovative products should not only offer solutions to our customers but should also assist to combat the effects of climate change, which presents a major opportunity.

Innovation 2019 2020 2021 2022
New Products Launched (n) 90 77 114 98
Patent Driven Sales (%) 11,2% 11,4% 11,0% 11,9%
R&D Investments (% of sales) 3,6% 4,0% 3,6% 2,6%
Innovation & IP 2019 2020 2021 2022
Granted patents 438 431 457 418
Pending patents 135 104 91 78
Total patents 573 535 548 496