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In defining “who we are” we have tried to go beyond the settled boundaries of sustainability, embracing a broader view, a transversal company culture, which includes gender equality and creating social and individual opportunities.
we are. Is a mindset, not a slogan

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we are. Communication

As communication team we have seen an incredible acceleration in sustainability projects and related communications.
Many initiatives have been carried out around the world: our subsidiaries in Brazil and India have implemented and launched the second cycle of Lamberti Transforma and She Dares projects respectively.
In our area it has been designed the Sustainability Brand Book to define the  colors, font templates that will be used to communicate the Sustainability initiatives  such as “The single use plastic elimination” initiative as well as the new Digital Sustainability Report.
We have organized “Impact Talks” a series of webinars centered on Sustainability and its application in our markets. We have also supported a cycle of lessons in local primary schools in Gallarate and Albizzate to get young students familiar with and acquainted to Chemistry.
We are playing a full operative role within the project “Yes. We care”, the digital signage program on behavioral safety, and within “Resilienza HSE” and “Genitori Digitali”. But our most important project is the implementation of a Communication and training platform, called “IS,ME!”, that will permit to offer specific personal education and communication to all Lamberti people around the world. 

Carolina Pistochini, Corporate Communication and Training Manager

I feel like a lot has been done compared to just few years ago when Sustainability was only a word, a nice one but content-less most of the times.
Specifically I’ve perceived many people in my team not just mentioning “sustainability” but I saw it happening in their daily actions: for instance, a more conscious traveling “mode”, the elimination of printed paper in favor of digital, the decision to not participate in-person at conventions or events by continuing the use of the “virtual” form even without travel restrictions.
In 2021, we planned to implement the ISO certification for our plants, which from the resource’s standpoint is going to be very relevant, and we are working diligently to make it happen as planned.
In general, I noticed that the mind setting has been steadily changing and even the most skeptical individuals are now more inclined to think about how they could contribute to a more sustainable environment: undoubtedly, that is the direct result of the Group training sessions, new mentality, and policy that have been put in place. Everyone in my team is more aware, very willing to participate and changing their way of thinking about the world we live in.

Ciro Ruggiero, General Manager Americas

Lamberti group is rapidly advancing in the path of sustainability with a strong commitment of the management. This is perceived above all as a choice of responsibility and attention that can only generate a spirit of pride and participation of the whole organization. It is an acceleration in this sense by a chemical group that has always had a great sensitivity to certain issues. Sustainability must also be said, in addition to being a choice of irreversible responsibility, it is also now a fundamental component of the definition of business strategies. Without a strong compromise in the field of sustainability it is now almost impossible to operate in almost all of our markets.

Leonardo Valentinis, General Manager LatAm