Lamberti Transforma (phases I - II), Lamberti Acelera

Our social responsibility project in Nova Odessa, Brazil

To deliver on our purpose to keep our planet livable for all, we partnered with Brazilian NGO “Aventura de Construir” (AdC) and are currently working on the second year of the initiative “Lamberti Transforma”, a social responsibility project in our Nova Odessa (Brazil) community.

In 2020-21, together with NGO Aventura de Construir (AdC) we made the first and promising steps of a path that fertilized the project "Lamberti Transforma: developing territories".

In 2021-22 "Lamberti Transforma II - Developing Equal Territories" is the next journey for low-income entrepreneurs featuring old and new participants to strengthen the link with - and between - the inhabitants of the territory and our production plant.
We want to continue with established links and expand to other micro entrepreneurs on the periphery of the territory the hybrid journey of integral human learning about financial education and management of the business, as well as verifying its applicability in everyday life.

In 2023 Lamberti Acelera project includes selection, validation and support phases:
A group of 13 businesses were selected to participate in an acceleration trial, which aims to guarantee, during  this period of time, the conditions for accelerated growth, to be felt  through an increase in sales, the hiring of personnel, the improvement in planning, organization and the long-awaited export capacity.

By following this method, strenghtening and supporting the entrepreneurs,  we are convinced that those people we are accompaning will become successful protagonists of their lives and their future in a sustainable way.

Interview with Silvia Caironi, co-founder of Aventura de Construir

The name of this project, Lamberti Transforma, is itself a challenge and a path, at the same time!  When we use the verb “to transform” we mean “to change completely the appearance or character of something or someone, especially so that that thing or person is improved".

What a challenge when we apply this concept to low income women entrepreneurs from the outskirts of Brazilian towns: but it happened!

From the beginning, in our partnership between AdC and Lamberti Brazil it was clear that there is no possibility of change unless it is a human change, because only a transformation in human attitude can generate that expected improvement in each micro enterprise.

We trust in a G-Local model

Global vision and local action, territorial and human change. There is no transformation, which does not start from the micro. This was our path!
With this certainty we collaborated with the Lamberti team, volunteers, local institutions, trying to identify the potential contributions of each one to this challenge and it was surprising to realize that the aimed transformation is much more global with each project stakeholder and not only with the participants.
But coming to the participants, together with the word “Transform” it comes the word patience and systematic work.  This was the way in which, after nine months together with them, we could identify an actual transformation in many participants as it described in this short video.
To transform is possible, you can trust in it!

Lamberti Acelera The 13 entrepreneurs and their companies