Health and Safety management system

Our Safety, Health, Environmental Protection and Quality Policy, highlights how workers shall “assume respect for Safety, Health and the Environment as a guiding element in corporate decision-making processes, both in protecting workers and respecting the needs of surrounding communities.”  

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Our occupational health and safety management system programs constantly analyze and keep track of the main potential risks through employee engagement and by using new technologies in extensive and dedicated training sessions for our entire workforce on emergency scenarios.
We have dedicated and certified employee-training sessions on emergency preparedness.
We ensure that our workers have adequate instruction and specific training about work-related hazards related to their respective work areas to avoid exposure to a serious risk.  We promptly take measures to control risk situations and require workers, in the event of serious or immediate danger, to leave their workplace or dangerous area.

Our occupational safety programs

Our occupational safety programs cover our activities of research, development, production and sale of specialty chemicals; they embrace the following aspects:

Roles and responsibilities
Processes and correlated documents
Planning procedures and review of projects
Process risk management
Management of changes
Plant integrity
Human factors
Training and performance
Incidents analysis
Laws, regulations and standards
Inspections and corrective actions

Improvement of performance knowledge

Coverage by an occupational health and safety management system, 2022

  Number of employees Employees (%) Number of External Workers External Workers (%)
Covered by an occupational health and safety management system 1.263 97% 115 71%
Covered by such a system that has been internally audited 992 76% 89 55%
Covered by such a system that has been internally audited or certified by an external party 797 61% 85 53%

Work-related injuries, 2022

  Employees External Workers
  No Rate No Rate
Fatalities as a result of work-related injury 0 0 0 0
High-consequence work-related injuries (excluding fatalities) 0 0 0 0
Recordable work-related injuries * 13 6,3 0 0

* Rates calculated as follows: (n. injuries/hours worked * 1.000.000)